How to Make Your Content Creation Process More Effective – with Matt from Taskable

I used to find content creation a tedious, ineffective process. I would spend hours trying to think up a great blog post. Then several more hours banging my head on the desk trying to write it. Then, I’d finally post it, and by the time I got to this point, I was over it. More often than not, the post would fall flat and get minimal traction. I would then be reluctant to reshare or repurpose the content.

That all changed last year when I started working on Taskable. And what catalyzed this change was the beginning of the process for how I source ideas for content.

How to Use Illustrations to Make Your Company or Product Stand Out

Illustrations are the epitome of brand maturity. Young companies often use pre-built assets to illustrate their website. Like these “100 icons set” and other “3D Workplace Concepts” you can find on design marketplaces. As businesses grow, they begin creating custom designs, starting with their logo. And before you know it, they hire an artist to develop a complete brand system. The reason why all companies end up there is simple: illustrations are the most effective way to differentiate your brand. That’s often how people remember a brand. Think the CocaCola polar bear.

But making a good drawing is only the first step to using illustrations to your brand’s advantage. Many founders who don’t get this end up paying a lot to create illustrations they don’t use to their fullest potential. Here is how to do it right.

How to Write a Good Story in Blog Form

Content increases your organic SEO. It multiplies the chances for someone to find you by stumbling upon one of your pieces of content. The more content you share, the more likely they’ll find you. But having a lot of content is not enough. That content needs to be thoughtful and valuable to retain a viewer’s attention. And most of all, it needs to tell a good story. Even when you’re selling a product, there is always an opportunity to tell a good story. Here’s how.