Buyer Personas Step by Step: How to find your Cash Cow

Not knowing your persona can make it that much harder to connect with customers. Sure, you can try a bunch of different strategies and see what sticks. But it will cost you a lot of resources before you get the answers you need. Most importantly, you may deter customers even more. A survey found that 34% of US Consumers had “broken up with a brand due to receiving poor, disruptive or irrelevant marketing messages.” It’s a high risk to take when you can simply find your Persona instead. Here’s how.

Competitors Research – How to Make it Useful and Actionable

Building a business without knowing your competition is like playing darts blindfolded. You decrease your chances of reaching your target by quite a lot. Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies do competitive research. And seven out of ten say doing it earlier would have improved the success of their campaigns.