The 4 Ingredients that Make an Ideal Brainstorming Location

As we discussed in our previous article, brainstorming doesn’t have to happen face-to-face. A video conference works well too, since the goal is to let participants see non-verbal cues. That being said, offline brainstorming can be fantastic. It can make the discussion more dynamic and interactive. The secret is to make sure the environment is conducive and neutral. Here are 4 ingredients to create the perfect brainstorming location.

Brainstorming: 5 Steps to Make Them Actionable and Useful

Brainstorming has bad press. Studies show that it can be a very inefficient way to generate new ideas. That’s because brainstorming has its traps. But what if the problem isn’t brainstorming itself, but how we do it? Here are some ideas to make brainstorming a resourceful exercise that has a real impact on your business.