Website Mockups: 5 Things to Avoid when Creating Your Website Design

A plethora of tools let you create web designs that are both professional and affordable. Yet, so many companies still pay little attention to the importance of good design. This is especially true for companies that are very technical, or not technical at all. Often, these sites are hard to use and/or visually unappealing.

If you, too, don’t believe in the importance of design, you may find the following stats interesting. Almost all consumers (94%) base their first impression of a company on the design of their website. And over half of them (52%) will come back to your site because of how good your design is. That’s because good design establishes your credibility and makes you look trustworthy.

Design isn’t simple icing on the cake. It can have a significant impact on your customer acquisition. So do spend the time and resources needed to make your website look good. Step one: let’s look at what you should absolutely not do when creating your website design.

How to Create Compelling Wireframes for Your Website Design [with Examples]

It always amazes me to see how many well-established companies have terrible websites. For some, it’s just a poor mobile UI. For others, it’s placing an important call-to-action at an awkward location. Or wasting the best real-estate of the site to information that brings little value. But what most of these companies don’t realize is how much this impacts their business. 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience. That’s basically everyone except that one guy who is a true fan and ready to go through anything to be a customer. The reason for many of these virtual eyesores is often the same: a lack of planning. A well-built website is likely to have gone through a thorough pre-production process. And that process often starts with proper wireframes.