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Storyboarding Step by Step: How to Do it Like a Pro

What’s the one pre-production step that most video creators want to skip? Storyboarding, without a doubt. We all want to move to production right away once we have the script. We have our vision for the video and can’t wait to bring it to life. But here is the problem: one’s vision can be very different whether you are the director, producer or customer. Conflicts between different visions will arise on shoot day, and can become even worse during post-production.

Storyboarding will ensure that every crew member “sees” the same video in their head. It provides a common vision they will work towards. It also sets expectations with the customer. That way if someone is unhappy with a shot during post-production, you can refer to the storyboards for discussion. So unless your video is a simple talking head with b-roll, you should always take the time to storyboard. Here’s how.

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